How often do we …..

This past Sunday on Mother’s Day, I wanted to gift myself with something special and beautiful. I know the norm is to wait to be showered with gifts and love by children because it is their time to pull strings and appreciate us as their moms. Yes, honestly I love that! Which mother does not appreciate being spoiled, we all do. But the reason I did that was because I wanted to appreciate myself and the woman I have become, that includes being a mom. I decided that I was going to finish off one of my favorites projects as a gift to myself; and I am glad I did.

The Best Gift Ever !

Hand-made by me, this Raffia Hat is one of my best and favorite pieces I have ever made recently. I could not believe that it took me only two days to finish it off. Yes, I mean only 2 focused days of non-destruction. I am proud of myself because right now, there is so much I am learning in this space.

The “fear of failure” has got no place in me anymore. I am confident that I have conquered my fears and I now believe in myself that “I can do it!”

How often times do we do this? How often do we keep ourselves captives in prisons of fear because we are scared to take risks, we fear to fail because we want everything to be perfect!

One thing that we have to do for ourselves as humans is to face our fears. I have learned that: until you do that you will remain where you are; life will feel so empty. You will feel like you are walking towards one direction but you never reach the end. This is what life without progres does in a person. You feel trapped in the Fear prison. I am glad that now I am comfortable and confident to revisit my long packed cupboard of dreams, passions, gifts & talents. I am slowly and gracefully unpacking them for the good. I have to admit that it never happened over night; I had to remind myself over and over again that: we are blessed with gifts and talents for a purpose; not for our own self, but for the glory of the Lord. Until we live that life of purpose we never get accomplished and fulfilled.

Without a purpose, life is a motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason.” Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life

One confirmation I learned along the process is that : as we grow up, we realize that the things we loved most; the ones we grew up loving to do and unfortunately we never had time to build on them, are actually our passions and purposes. It depends. How you then turn the wheel back in order to begin to live your passion and purpose, is an individual choice. As for me, thanks to Isabelle Razis, a health coach, whom in one of her talks about “How to Make a Successful Career Change” confirmed the fears I had for a very long time; and I was comfortable in that bubble and not wanting to risk any change.

I knew then and even now what I love most; and that I am gifted in certain areas; but the “fear factor” held me back. What scared me the most was to to try new things, explore and have fun! My biggest fear was failure and I did not want to try anything that I was not sure I will accomplish or succeed in doing. I kept myself in that zone because I feared taking the risks.

I am grateful to this time in my life and as I am writing this, I am busy working on that site (to share with you in the future) about all my creative work, I feel so blessed to be working on a platform that will allow me to showcase that work with you; and I believe that: that space is God’s work in progress about my life and purpose; and only Him can do that.

If you have something that you love doing and you know you good at, this is The Right Time !

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A realist, always fond of things that are real and matters. The lover of writing and a staunch reader, growing up with a burning passion of writing. I always have a pen a pad with me, life is a story that I never want to miss writing about. It always fascinates me when we are categorized as introverts and extroverts because that on its own is the reason behind every personality. I grew up being referred to as an “introvert” and I later understood the personality behind it: quite, reserved, peaceful, creative mind & thinking; antisocial and very analytical. Being in that space I always knew that as a writer or reader you cannot do that in a noisy or busy place; you need a quite and peaceful environment. It is interesting how I found myself being able to fit all that I love doing in this space that I find myself loving because I fit so perfectly (besides the stereotypes, it is the truth): they all fit, my list is endless but what I know for sure is that “I am born an artist” I am married to my loving and supportive husband for 23 years, Collen and we are blessed with four children; three adult boys; all grown ups and the youngest teen daughter who is still with us and in high school. I am University graduate with a B.A degree in Social Science (majored in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology), graduated with MBA in Sports in 2011. Worked for more 13 years until 2009 when we began our diplomatic life as a family. What I am grateful for is that there is always a bigger plan and things happen for a reason. Although mostly often, we do not have answers; all that matters is that we share those experiences and life lessons to inspire and lift others up. This is my passion and I am thrilled by challenges; good or bad and my mind likes solving mysteries that I believe are real; sometimes hidden and not spoken about. My favorite authors Danielle Steel and Agatha Christie always challenges my thinking and approach in life. I began reading their books from 14 years and I am still their fan reader. They share their stories in writing and as someone who likes sharing, I quickly connected with them My life is all about the real world: family, marriage, relationships, health, children, parenting, spirituality, cooking, leisure, travel, reading, writing, engaging, connecting, encouraging......I love sharing Sharing is golden

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