A Special Treat With Love

This morning as I was doing my morning walk, I was just thinking about this issue of motherhood. How being a mom start as a scary thought until you do it. Most of the time we are scared to carry a life, to give birth to it and even raise it. The idea scares us because we not sure if we can do that. There is so much that goes into motherhood than just giving birth; and worse there is basically no manual – we learn from different sources and depending on each, we put all the things together and believe it will work.

Yesterday in most countries, including my beloved country South Africa, we were celebrating Mother’s Day. I was thinking: I have two adult kids, both boys who are not staying with me anymore, they are already independent. There’s another boy (the baby of the three boys) who stays with us and is also in his young adulthood stage, and we have a teen girl, the only girl and the last born of the family. This thought made me to think about how blessed my husband and I are; how something that was scary for us to do before is now a joy to us. I was receiving messages from all of them and the spoiling because they wanted to make me feel special. And I thought to myself…

Motherhood grows your heart and fills you with love. With each child that’s born, your heart expands and makes room for you to love another person with every fiber of your being. Motherhood makes you see the inherent good in your child, the joy when they learn new things, the love when you didn’t think you could love them even more. You watch them grow and become adults; You see them gaining so much knowledge and acquire skills; You see them becoming the ones who takes care of you and teaching you things. How beautiful is motherhood though….

I just want to say to all my readers: A Happy Mother’s Day to you all (it is still the month of mothers), I trust and hope you had a joyous one. Know that all the moms are a special creation. It does not matter whether you birthed all the children you have or not; every blessing that God gave you is a special gift. Let us love all our children and we must never get tired to be there for them. They come in different shapes and forms, they are different and unique they gift of but they made us mothers. My mother still wants to give me something when I visit, it does not matter whether I need it or not. It’s the love she has for us as her children that matters to us. She is and will forever be that special in our lives. Our children are a blessing and they are a reason for our living. God entrusted us with that ministry to raise them. God wants us to love, nurture, support, guide, teach, comfort, protect, lead and allow them to grow and be who they were created to be. This is the joy of being a mom

This, as I was smiling and walking back home, made me realize how blessed we are as mother’s. The joy of motherhood does not stop when they become adults, we continue to mother them even in their adulthood because we love them and we care. Our purpose surpasses what we as humans thought has got an ending, but we are moms and no one understands that

Moms, you are all special and loved in your own unique way

NB: To my kids, know that I love you with all my heart and I feel special like this Strawberry Cheesecake. Motherhood was never so enjoyable, easy and fulfilling. To more of our Mothers Day’s together with you. Love you in and out of my womb

Published by mashikoane

A realist, always fond of things that are real and matters. The lover of writing and a staunch reader, growing up with a burning passion of writing. I always have a pen a pad with me, life is a story that I never want to miss writing about. It always fascinates me when we are categorized as introverts and extroverts because that on its own is the reason behind every personality. I grew up being referred to as an “introvert” and I later understood the personality behind it: quite, reserved, peaceful, creative mind & thinking; antisocial and very analytical. Being in that space I always knew that as a writer or reader you cannot do that in a noisy or busy place; you need a quite and peaceful environment. It is interesting how I found myself being able to fit all that I love doing in this space that I find myself loving because I fit so perfectly (besides the stereotypes, it is the truth): they all fit, my list is endless but what I know for sure is that “I am born an artist” I am married to my loving and supportive husband for 23 years, Collen and we are blessed with four children; three adult boys; all grown ups and the youngest teen daughter who is still with us and in high school. I am University graduate with a B.A degree in Social Science (majored in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology), graduated with MBA in Sports in 2011. Worked for more 13 years until 2009 when we began our diplomatic life as a family. What I am grateful for is that there is always a bigger plan and things happen for a reason. Although mostly often, we do not have answers; all that matters is that we share those experiences and life lessons to inspire and lift others up. This is my passion and I am thrilled by challenges; good or bad and my mind likes solving mysteries that I believe are real; sometimes hidden and not spoken about. My favorite authors Danielle Steel and Agatha Christie always challenges my thinking and approach in life. I began reading their books from 14 years and I am still their fan reader. They share their stories in writing and as someone who likes sharing, I quickly connected with them My life is all about the real world: family, marriage, relationships, health, children, parenting, spirituality, cooking, leisure, travel, reading, writing, engaging, connecting, encouraging......I love sharing Sharing is golden

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